Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Solving the Mystery of My Very Own Mystery

I have been recently described as mysterious and intimidating. What?! This doesn't even make sense. I personally would have replaced these descriptions with the words with shy and awkward. Let me elaborate....

I have the worse social skills of anyone I have ever met in my entire life. I'm much to shy for my own good, so when I try to actually speak, things just don't come out quite right. This can be extraordinarily comical. One time, I tried to order coffee but I couldn't explain to this poor girl at the coffee shop what I wanted. I'm pretty sure that she thought I was insane. And me, being my usual self, didn't handle this situation by laughing and starting over, rather, I desperately tried to explain to her that all I wanted was a plain and simple latte. Anyway, I'm not shy and awkward around everyone. I'm actually a pretty cool kid once you get to know me. But until then, you will experience my extreme lack of social skills. Apparently, this bashfulness has been otherwise read as intimidating and mysterious. 

This is somewhat unrelated, however, allow me to let you in on yet another aspect of my social awkwardness- I think eating is the most awkward thing about life. Don't ask me why. I love eating! It's my favorite thing to do, but I simply will not eat in front of someone if I am not completely and 100% comfortable around this person. Weird? Yes, I know, but if you think about it a while, you'll get a good giggle out of this very strange thing about my life. 

I am so very easily intimidated. So if you're saying, "you're so intimidating Elissa Streng!", no need to worry! I'm actually intimidated by you, and if you and I are intimidated by each other, we'll get no where in life. So just stop!

P.S. I'm quite ill at the moment so if this babble makes no sense grammatically, I apologize.